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SoftXpand Duo Description




SoftXpand Duo Pro $39.00 Only $27.30 Get It Now!

SoftXpand Duo is a handy and reliable software that enables you to simultaneously run multiple interactive desktops on a single computer.

By using SoftXpand Duo you have the possibility to deploy multiple interactive workstations on any PC. Each configurable workstation is independent and allows you to install dedicated output devices such as video adapters, USB devices etc.

SoftXpand Duo Key Features

Automatic Device Assignment
When a keyboard is attached to a USB hub is assigned using Keyboard shortcuts, all devices connected to the hub will also be assigned to the same workstation and all devices attached subsequently to the hub will also be automatically assigned to the workstation providing simplified configuration and use.

Virtual IP Addresses
Each workstation can be configured to use a specified IP address allowing the use of IP addresses to identify workstations.

Automatic Logon
A user account and password can be specified enabling automatic log in when the workstation starts. Blank passwords are supported.

Automatic Application Start
Allows an application to be automatically started when the workstation starts.

Improve Application Support
Applications that do not run or run with limited functionality after incorrectly determining that they are running in an RDP session can be configured to identify as not running in an RDP session by dragging from a list of running applications or browsing to an executable file.

Touch screen support (including multi-touch)
All touch screen devices using USB mouse or multi-touch mouse device drivers are supported.

Improved CD drive and Removable Storage support.
Removable Storage devices will be automatically shared when connected using USB ports without keyboard based device assignment. Hub based device assignment can be used to limit drive use to specific workstations.

Configuration retained upon activation
After activation all user settings and configuration will be retained without change.

Shared Devices are Automatically Assigned
Printers, Speakers and CD ROMs are automatically assigned to workstation 1.

Persistent Disable
Disabling SoftXpand 2011 will continue until SoftXpand 2011 is explicitly enabled simplifying software and hardware installation.

Data Logging
Option to record operational information for use by MiniFrame Ltd. support. Multiple logging levels, maximum log file size and log file location can be configured.

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SoftXpand Duo