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Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 Description

Sound Forge Audio Studio provides everything you need to edit and mix audio with professional quality computer in your home. With it, you can record instruments and vocals in real time and restore audio completely, apply effects studio quality to the productions, and convert files with lightning speed.

But not only! The application allows the user to create their own track Karaoke, and offers a number of features that put many editing programs to shame. Without leaving, of course, to facilitate the life of the home user, who longs for professional features in an intuitive program and developed specifically for it.

And it is precisely the proposal for Sound Forge Audio Studio. Offer professional features for home users who do not have a production and recording studio, but certainly have ideas and creativity to implement.

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio Key Feature

Record Your Performance
Sound Forge Audio Studio audio capture makes it easy from nearly all sources. Simply connect a microphone or instrument into your computer’s sound card and start recording.

The program allows the user to monitor the real-time audio levels for even greater precision mixing, and capture instruments and vocal performances with ease. You can also digitize and restore old recordings, add narrations to existing videos and create fully customized textures and effects.

Edit with ease
Despite the complete and several tools it offers, Sound Forge Audio Studio presents a simple and intuitive usability, which fortunately, passes away the complexity common to the genus software. Simply “drag and drop” to balance sound levels, trim unwanted sections, and synchronize audio and video.

Actions such as cut, copy and paste, can be performed in real time so you can see the results immediately. In addition, basic functions such as reducing audio excerpts, highlight instruments and reverse tracks can be performed from a single mouse click, as well as a number of other important features for editing.

Count on the wizard
And if you find any difficulty in handling the application and its tools can also help in the feature “Show me how”. This great feature can help the user at various times, either to answer questions about the general operation of the program, or even to monitor the implementation of some specific action. To access the feature, just click on its icon in the program’s toolbar at the top of the window.

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio Review

There are several software for media editing. Audio specifically, there are not so many and one of them is the Sound Forge Audio Studio. It offers the home user good tools for better results and more satisfactory without complex features.

Even as a simplified program for less experienced users, it offers features that make your work more professional and it requires some knowledge on it. Just take the time to understand your tools and will be able to greatly improve the quality of your audio.

The “Show Me How” acts as a tutorial and is useful for those who use the genre of software for the first time. Perhaps one of the major application of balconies because when in doubt, just turn to this little help.

For home users who are order to more professional results, Sound Forge Audio Studio can be an attractive alternative, as it brings some advanced features, perfectly usable by anyone. Check!

Intuitive interface
Recording, creating tracks
Tutorial tools

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Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio