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Spy Emergency – 1 Year Description




Spy Emergency – 1 Year $29.95 Only $11.98 Get It Now!
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Spy Emergency is a tool that removes spyware and other pests from your computer quickly and safely. Protects you from thousands of pests, including apywares, adware, malware, homepage hijackers, remote administration tools, ActiveX components, dialers, scumwares, keyloggers, Trojans, tracking software data, toolbars, cookies, browser hijackers and many other types of parasites can infect your computer and stop its tranquility and privacy.

The program scans the active memory processes, registry entries, files stored on the hard drive ( including the system directory, cookies and Host file). Have checking feature real-time memory, preventing new infections by preventing new pests are installed without your consent.

The update database able to correctly identify the pest is automatic, and the program also allows you to schedule operations. It supports skins.

Spy Emergency Key Features

Proactive resident shield protection with dynamic heuristic engine built that can detect even new and unknown Internet threats
Protection against low-level rootkit
Identity Checker Site
Extends the behavior of the heuristic scan
It is compatible with browsers from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera
Scan your system memory
Scan your registry
Scan your storage
integrated Antispam
Scanning System directory storage
Scan for tracking cookies
Photo Scanning host
Scanning kidnappers
Heuristic detection of malicious software
Detection of polymorphic malware
Decoder support generic UPX, Aspack
Command Line Interface
Automatic LSP stack repair
Coat of real-time memory that blocks spyware before running
Prevention shields that blocks malware installation
Browser shields, including the shield homepage
Tracking cookies shields
Automatic Updates incremental data base
Restore functionality of individual elements
Supports programming
simple Setup
Intuitive and clear user for the elimination of spyware
Scanning handy shell extension

Spy Emergency Review

All of us daily browsing or users who use the Internet occasionally we are exposed to multiple hazards, without good protection, can destroy our stolen data and our public activity.

Therefore, it is best to be protected against these dangers lurking on the Internet against precabidos users. Internet can be a dangerous thing, but with the necessary protection can benefit without any problem. Spy Emergency is a good solution if we remain calm while navigating.

Spies, keyloggers, adware, trojans, viruses, SPAM, cookies, dialers,… all will be under the watchful eye of our new traveling companion : Spy Emergency.

Choose the type of analysis you want to do from interface : basic, a little more or a thorough analysis, although slower. Put in quarantine (in this case, the cage ) what can cause danger or delete it directly, filter email with SPAM detector, etc..

A rather fast and fairly lightweight interface analysis make this little known application of some pretty good results in our tests.

Intuitive interface.
Comes with four types of scan.
Performs accurate scans.
Low CPU resources usage.
Can work simultaneously with other anti-virus tools.
Available in many languages.

Unable to perform other tasks while scanning.

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Spy Emergency