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Spyera Spyphone – 3 Months Description




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Spyera Spyphone is the world’s most powerfull monitoring software that you install on the target device. This device can be a Smart Phone, a Tablet Pc, or a Computer. You download directly into the target device that you wish to spy on. After installation Spyera collect all activities and upload it to a secure web account. You login to your web account and check all activities remotelly.

Spyera Spyphone Key Features

Call Interception – Listen in to live calls happening on the target device.
Spy Call – Make a spy call to the target phone running Spyera Spyphone and listen to the phones’ surroundings.
Read SMS Messages – Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages, even if user delete SMS you will still get copy of SMS.
Read E-mail – All E-mails are sent to your Spyera Spyphone web account, even if user delete them.
See Call History – View their entire call history and get the name of the contact from the address book.
Read Messenger Chat – Read messenger chat logs in both side even if deleted or setted “Don’t Save History”.
Location Tracking – For devices which include integrated GPS features, Spyera Spyphone will use GPS positioning to show the co-ordinates of the device, and its physical location upon a map inside your web account.
Cell ID Tracking – See the CELL ID and CELL name that the mobile is physically located in.
See Contact List – If there is a name entry in the phones address book for either an email address or the number of an SMS or phone call.
Web History – Check what websites been visited by target phone.
See Photos Taken – Spyphone has ability to upload all photos taken on target device to your secure web account.
Sim Change Notification – If the SIM card is changed, Spyera Spyphone will continue capturing and reporting all the same data.
Unlimited Device Change – Phones are now like fashion items and people change them regularly.
Remote Control – You can change all settings remotely. Send secret SMS to the target phone to enable/disable functions or change settings.
Undetectable – The most important thing for any spyphone is that it remains completely hidden.
Ease of Use – All products are simple to install, usually within 4-5 minutes.

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