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StatWin Server Enterprise Description

StatWin Server Enterprise is an employee monitoring software, designed to monitor employee computers, that are connected into network.

Corporate security standards leave no gap for compromises. Every aspect of computer activity of all employees in the network must be thoroughly controlled and reported. Internet activity including opened pages, social networks and personal messengers; office and non-office applications being opened during the work, e-mail contents, keystrokes and mouse actions, access to local net resources and many more – all of this is a part of a normal workflow control.

StatWin Server Enterprise assures your corporate standards aren’t broken. This employee monitoring software easily takes under control hundreds of vital directions, including networking, processes, files, keyboard and mouse actions and user interaction, monitors all of them silently and provides a comprehensive report about each action taken by every user within a certain period of time. Flexible reports, and advanced statistic tools provide fine control over all processes across your corporate network.

With StatWin you can easily bring your productivity to a whole new level!

StatWin Server Enterprise Tools
For every data group StatWin includes Statistics and Reports tools. Those are designed to help you analyze collected data.

Computer Monitoring is a tool that collects and stores the statistics of computer operation and user activities. Computer Monitoring tool provides various options to configure monitoring, like an option to configure capturing desktop screenshots at regular intervals.

Process Viewer is a tool that provides information about processes currently run. Besides it provides tool to end process (or specific process window) if necessary.

User Administration is a tool that is intended to provide specific program reaction on specific action (event) made by computer user. It provides information security (by granting different permissions to different users).

Remote Administration is a tool that is intended to provide remote administration functions of computers where Client is installed.
Client is a client component of StatWin that is installed on client computer.

Remote Client Installation is a tool that is designed to install Client from server computer to client computer remotely.

Notification Viewer is a tool that is intended to view notifications about events and reactions to events, that are sent from Client to Server.
Server is a server component of StatWin that is installed on server computer. This concept includes program tools and help documentation that are installed on server computer.

StatWin Server Enterprise Sceenshot

StatWin Server Enterprise Screenshot