Sticky Password 7.0

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Sticky Password 7.0 Description

Sticky Password Manager is a smart filter- forms and passwords that are able to remember and automatically filter logins , passwords, and other fields. Works with any program or browser on your computer, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

It provides a unique means to immediately access stored passwords without having to remember or look up the account passwords in lists. Your search strainer automatically logins , senahs and other fields in browsers , allowing you to manage multiple accounts directly.

Sticky Password General features:

Password protection with an innovative and unique system that prevents people from stealing passwords and fraudulent websites .
Stock passwords in a secured database with strong encryption algorithms by making it impossible for decoding .
The filter- form works with all programs and websites , passwords , logins and other fields can be automatically saved .
Works with multiple users , logins and passwords for a single account .
It is easy to use and manage your passwords and logins .
Backs up database passwords automatically and can restore passwords that have been modified or deleted at any time.
A virtual keyboard that prevents software like keyloggers – stealing everything that was typed – or spyware from stealing your information .

Sticky Password Key Features

Sticky Password is a complete password manager that you can store all your passwords in a safe place , use when needed with a simple click and it will save you having to memorize them all separately.

The program saves all passwords in a fully protected by powerful data encryption algorithms (AES / Rijndael , Blowfish, Gost, SCOP , Twofish and more, up to 8192 bits) and key “master ” , which will also be the only one have to remember to access your passwords.

But besides keeping the keys in a safe , Sticky Password allows you to insert where (web pages, FTP servers , instant messaging, etc. . ) Very comfortable, thanks to a button in the title bar of necessary window .

The program has support for multiple user names and passwords within the same account , includes a random password generator and regularly backs up the database to not lose a key.

Sticky Password 7.0 Sceenshot

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