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STOIK Imagic Premium Description

STOIK Imagic is easy image viewer and pics editor, video editor. Quick to learn and easy to use, STOIK Imagic makes managing your photos and videos fun. Bundling a blazing fast image viewer with convenient image organizer and comprehensive still and video editor, STOIK Imagic has everything to keep, share and perfect your memories. STOIK Imagic graphic software combines classic features with modern technologies, enabling lightning-fast browsing, viewing and searching.

STOIK Imagic photo editor offers a comprehensive set of tools in a single package for photo and video editing. STOIK Imagic graphic software has everything to edit images and videos from a lightning-fast image viewer to comprehensive digital darkroom and pic editor.

Professional photographers will love the complete digital workflow solution offered by STOIK Imagic photo editor. Photo and video enthusiast will appreciate its speed and ease of use.

STOIK Imagic Key Features

STOIK picture editor offers a comprehensive digital photo workflow solution in a single package:
Digital darkroom
RAW viewer
Edit pics, photos, images – all-in-one included graphic editor
Best image viewer (RAW, JPG, JPEG viewer etc.)
Digital picture retouching. Professional portrait, skin retouching. Retouche photos.
Fix a bunch of snapshots automatically
View, customize photos, manage and share pictures and videos in a snap!

Stoik Imagic graphic editor software offers big quantity of image enhancement techniques to automatically fix common problems such as red eye, wrong color balance, under and over exposure. Stoik photo editor comes with a big array of useful tools and photo special effects for amateurs and professional designers.
Crop an image
Borders adding – lets you to add a border around a picture
Amplitude rescaling
Histogram equalization
Pixel point processing
Extending the size of a photo
Reducing noise
Automatic Red Eye Removal – precise automatic correction of the infamous red-eye effect
Thresholding (contrast enhancement)

Stereo image support allows producing stunning 3D shot and 3d animation.
Automated HDR stitching with automatic alignment produces images with widest dynamic range. Create HDR panorama stitch in a snap!
RAW Developer for most camera models. Raw Development.
Non-Destructive Dark Room allows taking back any step made while converting RAW files. RAW Converter.
Geotagging support for Google Maps and Google Earth
DVD export in MPEG-2 format
Anti-shake filter to sharpen up blurry photos
Video export profiles to produce videos for many popular devices in optimal quality

STOIK Imagic Premium Review

STOIK Imagic Premium is a full-featured image manager that also includes a bunch of editing tools and special effects to liven up your pictures. The files that are saved in various spots on the computer will be pulled together, automatically organized and in a way convenient to the user. Not only the program organizes very quickly, but it also lets the user view and search for files in a Folder Browser, Calendar Browser or Tag Browser, whichever is easier and more suitable.

STOIK Imagic Premium is also a professional program that enables the user to do many things with their digital images and videos. The program lets the user: Make their own movies, Share picture, Edit pictures, Add effects, Put photos into templates, Enhance photos.

Intuitive interface
Includes editing tools and special effects
Lets you create video compositions with photos

Special effects vary a lot in quality

STOIK Imagic Premium Sceenshot

STOIK Imagic Premium Screenshot