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STOIK Video Enhancer Description

STOIK Video Enhancer is a handy application that allows you to edit and enhance your videos in three simple steps. Correct color balance and exposure, remove shadows and repair clipped the highlights in a few clicks.

STOIK Video Enhancer comes with a lot of sophisticated video enhancements, unique algorithms for noise reduction and blur accessible in a click of a button.

Removes blur and motion of video, clean movies with spots and pimples and make full HD sharp and detailed images from an SD source.

STOIK Video Enhancer Key Features

Technology study at your fingertips:
Learning and using STOIK Video Enhancer could not be easier. Just load your video and choose what you want to do.

Correcting exposure and color cast:
Corrects poor exposure and colors in full automatic mode. There are only two boxes to check for STOIK Video Enhancer apply these corrections to this video – requires no further tuning.

Extracts shadow detail and corrects cut highlighted:
Improves shadow detail and reduce the cut highlighted scoring two checkboxes . When shooting small sensors contrasted with scenes digital camcorders , shadows and highlights tend to be clipped by the processing algorithms of the camera.

Stabilizes the movement in the video clips:
The material on the video file without stability is unprofessional at best and can cause dizziness viewers in the worst case. STOIK Video Enhancer corrects unstable videos easily – even if the camcorder does not come with built-in image stabilizer.

Conversion Studio HD quality:
Converts SD images in full HD. STOIK Video Enhancer with a true high definition video can be produced from a source SD (standard definition) with a click of a button.
The new STOIK Super -Resolution algorithm derives missing details from neighboring frames being expanded.

Removes digital noise and film grain:
Images blotchy, noisy and grainy are plagued all video recorders, film or digital . The noise reduction algorithm based on STOIK Video Enhancer movement produces amazingly clear , noise-free images without loss of detail.

STOIK Video Enhancer Sceenshot

STOIK Video Enhancer