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SuperRam 6 Description

SuperRam is developed with the sole aim of improving the performance and speed of your PC.

If you think your system is consuming too much RAM in processes that do not really need and are therefore relentizando the overall speed of PC, this application is what you need.

Its operation is very simple: the program analyzes all running processes diagnosing what are the most resource consuming.

SuperRam automatically optimizes the distribution of free RAM memory between processes that need it most while establishing a recommended minimum so the PC does not crash or to unexpected errors.

Furthermore, this application is recommended for both novice users (thanks to high doses of automation) and more advanced users can modify certain features of the program.

With SuperRam, your PC will no longer be blocked by excessive consumption of RAM.

SuperRam 6 Key Feature

Optimize your computer’s memory by recovering wasted memory.
Works in the background to free memory to reasonable values ​​to maintain system stability.
Visual representation in system tray which displays the memory available to the system
It is completely customizable to the settings and preferences you choose.
The user-friendly interface and intuitive user performs memory optimization in real time.

SuperRam 6 Review

With SuperRam, you can manage and optimize RAM the system makes use of the same, improving the overall performance of your computer.

SuperRam allows you to set a specific amount of memory that must always remain free to ensure the stability of the PC, and automatically frees memory that is not being used once a minimum threshold that you set is reached.

With SuperRam not need to make any hardware change. All program settings are done in an easy to use interface.

The optimized RAM will achieve with SuperRam helps improve the performance and stability of the system use, and reduces the risk of errors, failures and “hang” the PC.

Automatic release memory
Simple GUI
Improves system performance

Few statistics

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SuperRam 6