SyncMate Expert – Personal License (for 2 Macs)

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SyncMate Expert – Personal License (for 2 Macs) Description




SyncMate Expert – Personal License (for 2 Macs) $39.95 Only $29.96 Get It Now!
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SyncMate is a handy tool that will help you synchronize your data between multiple computers and mobile devices.

With SyncMate you will be very easy to copy all kinds of files between a computer and another, or Mac to your phone with Windows Mobile, Android and Nokia S40.

SyncMate offers, among other things, sync photos, videos and songs, favorite links from Safari and Firefox, SMS management, Internet sharing, manage calls and mount the device as a hard drive, among other things.

SyncMate can also manage lists of contacts and read histories and SMS activity. Here you can see all the available options.

SyncMate Expert Key Features

Synchronize Mac with multiple devices:
SyncMate is probably the only Mac sync software that allows syncing Mac with multiple devices simultaneously (Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia S40 devices, unlimited quantity of iOS devices, iPods, other Macs and PCs, any MTP devices, Sony PSP, and mounted storages). No need to purchase several sync solutions in order to sync your Mac with each device – just download SyncMatе and all supported devices will be synced within one application.

Synchronize Mac with online accounts:
SyncMate can sync data not only with numerous devices, but also with online accounts and cloud storages! Sync data with iCloud and Yahoo! storages (or any other cloud storage which works via CardDAV or CalDAV), Google account (Google Drive is supported), or even with your Dropbox account!

Numerous sync options:
SyncMate lets you sync your Calendars, To Do/Reminders, Contacts, Mail, Stickies, bookmarks, Mail (OS X 10.7 or earlier) and Entourage notes, photos, videos and music.
SyncMate lets you back up important files and folders that you have on PSP or mounted storage device to your Mac and restore this data from Mac with the help of SyncMate whenever you need.
SyncMate lets you read and manage your SMS messages as well as text your friends directly from your Mac.

Free and Expert Editions:
We offer SyncMate in two editions. Free edition helps you solve basic syncing problems like iCal and Address Book synchronization with multiple devices or Google and Dropbox accounts, while usually similar applications are quite costly. You can also freely read SMS messages on big screen of your Mac.
Expert edition has to be obtained for a small fee, but is totally worth it as it offers an extremely wide range of synchronization options of your Mac with multiple devices. This turns SyncMate into versatile tool that will replace many one-sync-feature programs.

SyncMate Expert Review

SyncMate is a powerful application that was created with the purpose to help you synchronize your Mac with different devices with ease. You are allowed to set the program to automatically accept incoming connections or to prompt you every time a new connection is detected.

SyncMate allows you to synchronize your Mac with another Mac, with a Windows PC, Android Device, Windows Mobile, iOS devices, PSP as well as other devices.

When you synchronize your Mac with a device, you are able to efficiently organize your contacts, photos, videos, music, folders, mail messages and others.

SyncMate allows you to choose the synchronization direction; for example, when you synchronize the contacts, you can choose to export the contacts from your Mac to other device or import them from other device to your Mac.

When you connect to a device, SyncMate allows you to give it a name and assign it a photo.The program will remember it so next time you connect to that specific device, it will appear under the same name that you provided. Also, you are enabled to set the program to automatically synchronize with that specific device when it detects it as available.

In conclusion, when you need a tool that will ensure you a safe synchronization of you Mac with other devices, SyncMate is an option that you should choose.

Easy to use
SMS and Call Management
Video and audio synchronization
Support for multiple devices


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