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During the process of organizing the computer, situations arise in which it is in doubt about the most appropriate place to send certain file. After all, many documents serve multiple functions, and send them to the wrong place can cause a lot of headaches.

The Tabbles is a software that modifies the traditional way of organizing documents, solving the above problem. Instead of using several different folders, the software allows you to leave files in their place of origin and go through intelligent tagging system.

For those unaware, tags act as a kind of label that organizes files according to their essential characteristics. The Tabbles acts similarly to the classification system found in blogs, for example, that separate different posts with keywords that describe the content written form.

Tabbles Key Features

Tag files automatically based on folders, user-defined rules or manually
Use virtual folders and regular folders together
Works on files, folders and URLs (including Gmail)
Manages multiple projects on network drives
Groups files on the fly very far apart
Find and clean duplicate files
They are looking for your based on what files are related
Access your files through different paths
Combines virtual folders to filter files

Tabbles Review

Tabbles is an alternative to Windows Explorer and a different way of organizing files. His protagonists are tags , custom attributes that greatly facilitate management and search for documents .

For example , instead of keeping a spreadsheet in a subfolder of “Invoices ” folder with Tabbles you can label it “Invoice” , “Important” and add more information, such as customer name or the author . When you search for any of these tags Tabbles , the spreadsheet will appear instantly.

The labels , called ” Tabbles ” are created in many different ways: from the quick release panel , workspace or the context menu of Windows. Assign them is as simple as simply drag the files from the main window Tabbles or use the context menu.

Tabbles is an innovative and well -designed program . However, as often happens with such applications , their usefulness depends largely on the user experience and mastery of the concepts behind it.

Excellent labeling system
instant Search
Explorer integration
Exquisite design of the interface

Less intuitive than it might seem

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