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Tipard DVD Cloner for Mac Description

Tipard DVD Cloner for Mac is an application to copy DVDs, with enhanced features to make accurate partial clone a disk or resources. In addition, this program is able to pick folders from a CD or DVD that are on the hard drive and copy everything to a virgin media, organizing them back into the original format.

For those who like visual details, the Tipard DVD Cloner comes with a number of themes installed and just chose one of them to leave the program with new face. For those who do not want to be complicated settings, this software is able to automatically select the ideal size for the used DVD quality.

It is capable of recording in several formats, ensuring a job well done regardless of the final medium to be used. Write even more than one copy at once, leaving everything automatic and getting under his responsibility only the exchange of disks as they are being burned.

Copy what you want

Tipard DVD Cloner for Mac offers advanced for holding copies of options, because you can copy an entire disk or only part of it. When you insert a DVD in the drive, for example, can choose to copy some chapters, only the extras or just the main movie, leaving what is not necessary aside.

If you once copied the contents of a DVD to computer, but only their folders, not turning everything into an ISO file, Tipard DVD Cloner for Mac can also help. Simply select those folders so that they are recorded in the new media and to initiate the process which occurs in the same way to copy everything from the disk.

Tipard DVD Cloner for Mac Review

Tipard DVD Cloner for Mac is an application with advanced features that can not be simpler to use the genre, but not enough to be a big deal. Its interface is full of options, which scares a little, but a more attentive look will show that ” everything is in place.”

Basically there are three steps to start recording, or is it simple here . As he already has some pre -configured profiles, is much more easy to get started , especially if you are not experienced in the subject. This is good and is enhanced by the ability to automatically configure the audio quality program.

A highlight of Tipard DVD Cloner is a chance to choose exactly which parts of the DVD will be copied. So, you do not need to edit anything out, taking such decisions during the process carried out within the program . This is practical and effective, and very simple to do, other very positive characteristics .

Finally, other programs that record players , such as Nero Burning Room, were already able to copy DVDs that way , but Tipard DVD Cloner is free and works in a specific way in this type of recording. If you are looking for something, you will not regret to test this program.

Interface well organized
Advanced Features


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Tipard DVD Cloner for Mac