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TouchCopy Description

If you are looking for a way to copy the contents of your iPod or iPhone easily and do not understand the official program of the two Apple devices, we offer an excellent alternative.

TouchCopy is a program that can save a backup of your PC all videos, photos, music and games are stored on your iPod or iPhone.

Just run the application and connect your device to your PC. The content automatically grouped into music and photos will be displayed.

In the case of music, all files are organized by genre, artist, album or a general list where you can select all or only those songs you do want to keep.

Furthermore, TouchCopy also includes management tools as additional notes, contacts and calendars.

TouchCopy Key Features

Use TouchCopy will ensure that data remains safe iPod – TouchCopy will prevent iTunes sync your iPod, iPhone or iPad while it is running. With a few clicks and within minutes, you can get the content back safely. Import photos from iPod, iPhone and iPad
Transfer iPhone Apps and iPad to iTunes
Create backups of your message
Transfer SMS, MMS and iMessages on your iPhone
Create backup iPhone contacts
Transfer contacts iPhone
Transfer books from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
TouchCopy enables disk mode on iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad
Go and copy your favorite bookmarks and internet history from your iOS device
With TouchCopy you can view and copy the notes on your iPod, iPad or iPhone
TouchCopy can save notes from your Mac or PC device in standard text format

TouchCopy Review

TouchCopy is a program that lets you copy songs to your PC, videos, photos and even games you keep in the memory of your iPod or iPhone.

Specifically, Burn is an interesting alternative to iTunes. A program with the necessary functions so that you can share everything you keep in your iPod or iPhone with other computers.

With TouchCopy you can remove all songs, videos, photos, games, entire playlists, album art, ratings, accountants and other labels available. And all of a fast, easily and without relying on third party applications.

Moreover, its additional features will help you manage notes, contacts and calendars; launch searches, use your iPhone or iPod as an external hard drive and play songs remotely.

It is easy to use
Synchronizations required
It can extract any file
Allows you to use iPod or iPhone as an external hard drive

No folders automatically synchronizes

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