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Tricky Twister Fx EA Description

Tricky Twister Fx is a 2-in-1 EA that combines two complimentary strategies. One of them takes its profits when market is trending, whereas the second one takes profits when market is ranging. As a result, EA is capable of bringing continuous profit practically in all market conditions.

Tricky Twister Fx EA Review

The Tricky Twister retails at the relatively high price of $229 although it is supported by a 30-day guarantee in case of customer dissatisfaction.In addition, if you are already an owner of either the Forex Warrior or the FX Splitter then you will be entitled to a sizeable discount. This expert advisor has been devised to specifically trade the GBP/USD and EUR/USD currency pairs although customized versions are already in the pipeline to expand these options. The favoured expiry time is the hourly which is unusually high compared to most Forex robots.

This tool incorporates two fundamental strategies. This first one centers on break-outs which are based on the premise that the price of a currency pair will not reside within a constricted horizontal channel for any extended period of time. Consequently, the EA aims to exploit breakouts in order to capture sizeable profits. However, the main problem with this strategy is that price can remain trapped with a range for some considerable time preventing the activation of any new trades.

To counter this problem, a range strategy is also incorporated into the Tricky Twister. The EA now attempts to capture profits every time price rebounds against the floor and ceiling of the prevailing horizontal channel. With both strategies, if losses are encountered than a Martingale strategy is activated by opening new trades with increased position sizes.

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This Forex software product produced excellent performance parameters, as validated by a robust win-to-loss ratio. The reward-to-risk ratio posted was slightly greater than unity, which again is quite a reasonably outcome. Consequently, an exciting expectancy value was registered equaling $35.48. On the basis of these results, the Tricky Twister definitely merits further attention. In order to attain this goal, you should instigate our advised sequence of action.

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