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Tune Sweeper Description

Sometimes, when we started to put music in our iTunes library or create playlists, we face the problem caused by having duplicate both the library and songs lists.

Tune Sweper is a tool that helps us to find and delete all those repeated songs for us to make a better selection of songs we want to hear.

Works carried out a full scan of our library, and once it’s over, we’ll have a list of all the songs we have stored duplicate. We can eliminate you want depending on the quality of the file, for example.

Ends thus, the chaos that is generated in your iTunes with many songs without knowing where they are repeated and how many replicas have entered the lists.

Tune Sweeper Key Features

Tune Sweeper displays the duplicates in your iTunes library in groups.
Automatically selects which of the duplicates in each group you want to keep.
Quickly search the duplicate list for specific tracks.
Removes all duplicates with the click of a button.
A tracks removed from iTunes are optionally backs up to keep them safely.
Find and remove missing in your iTunes library tracks.

Tune Sweeper Review

Ends with the chaos of your iTunes music with Tune Sweeper, the manager who seeks and finds duplicate to decide what music you want to stay tunes.

Tune Sweeper performed a thorough scan by your local library or search for specific duplicate songs. Once completed, the program recommends worth what you delete as you can adjust parameters such as time of creation or the quality of the file.

In the event that Tune Sweeper detects missing songs in your library, you will also know from the second tab, called “Missing Tracks”.

Very easy to use
Quick and Full scan
Auto-selection of duplicate tracks
Find missing tracks on the hard drive

Only scans your iTunes library

Tune Sweeper Sceenshot

Tune Sweeper