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TweakBit FixMyPC Description

Your computer started getting slow, with crashes, heavy to load pages and you do not know what else to do? All this can be “remnants” of programs on your computer, those applications that you install and, shortly after, just give up and uninstalling. They spoil your PC and many people end up formatting the hard drive.

How about using the TweakBit FixMyPC to see the result? This is a really impressive tool that will repair and tune your system, leaving the computer clinking! It removes all traces of software that are left inside your machine, doing all get faster for you.

Restoring the system registry order
This application will actually clean, fix and defrag the heart of your system. It removes invalid keys, repair broken shortcuts and defragments the registry to make it more compact and organized.

Thus, your computer consumes much less memory and allows applications can be accessed in less time, which helps to restore the performance of your machine, leaving it always error free.

Repairs errors ActiveX
ActiveX is used in browsers to allow add-ons to use features from another program on your PC. ActiveX controls that are corrupted lead to many errors. The TweakBit FixMyPC is equipped with precise tools to detect and correct such errors to a much smoother experience on your PC, free of errors and programs that catch all the time. You will be amazed.

Constant monitoring of system performance
Once your PC is free from errors of any kind, you need it to stay that way so you can enjoy using it without fear that your system fails, is not it? So were included four powerful tools that prevent accidents, protecting the external access log and improving the overall security of your machine:

Remote Registry Protection – keeps track of the Windows secure, preventing unauthorized access that may affect system stability;
Autorun Protection – ensures that if an infected external device is connected to your PC, the malware will not Autoplay;
Desktop Protection – prevents the processes of your desktop and Explorer to crash, helping to keep the good design of the PC;
Privacy Real-Time Protection – detects security holes in your operating system to help protect you from hackers and malware.

TweakBit FixMyPC Review

Easy and simple to use, this tool really delivers perfectly well what it promises. Those records programs that are no longer on your computer, those broken shortcuts that no longer serve for all, the TweakBit FixMyPC fix all this and more, making your computer gain performance.

Composed of powerful tools, it protects the registry of your operating system, and ensure the security of your desktop and browsers from hackers and malware. So you will be very well protected at all times, since their privacy should always be first on your priorities.

In addition, it defragments the registry of your machine, making it faster and more organized. This is how your computer will save memory and will have access to applications much faster. Just use the regular application to have a fantastic performance in all its operations.

Intuitive interface
The system interface is very intuitive and users will soon know what to do. However, the program does not have support for the Portuguese, which can disrupt its use by people who do not understand much of the language. Anyway, it is a system that can not miss on your machine, ensuring a PC always light and fluid.

Fast scanning system
Allows the computer to gain speed
Defragments the system logs
Protect your computer

Entirely in English

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TweakBit FixMyPC