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UEStudio Description

UEStudio is an editor aimed at editing texts, building applications, maintaining databases, or constructing websites. Although you can use it simply as a text editor, its full advantages can be fully realized when you use it for different types of software development. The application UEStudio is fast, lightweight, and powerful and offers advanced programming functionality.

UEStudio includes integrated version control with CVS/SVN, integrated navigation classes, language intelligence (like Intellisense), a generator / batch compiler, native support for over 30 popular compilers, debugger built PHP compatibility and more.

UEStudio Key Features

Powerful support to the project/solution:
Integrated support for converting Visual Studio project to UEStudio
Integrated support for the compiler
Compatibility with the integrated debugger
Integrated CVS Support
Project Templates (compiler specific)

Building Features:
Compile/create batch
Create, debug and run applications
Manager improved working space:
Class Viewer
Resource Editor

Extended tool bars:
Standard Toolbar UltraEdit-32
Construction Toolbar
HTML Toolbar
Toolbar intellitips
Toolbar Resource Editor

UEStudio Review

UEStudio supports viewing and editing virtually any kind of text-based files, and if you ever find a file type that newly installed UEStudio cannot support, you can download the needed files from its developer’s site.

UEStudio’s interface is definitely not easy to use for the regular user. As it is mainly intended for developers, it is packed with menu commands and toolbars. So, I would not recommend you to use this software as a standard text editor. However, let me tell you that this program allows you to use different environments. This means that you can customize the interface to show only the elements needed for the kind of task you are carrying out. There is, for instance, Notepad Replacement, the easiest of all the environments, intended for simple text editing. The Power User environment provides enriched editing functionalities, such as syntax highlighting, automation with macros, dockable function list, etc. Other environments include Programmer, Software Developer, System Administrator, Technical Writer and Web Developer. However, you will not be limited to use any of these environments because the screen layout is fully customizable, allowing you to resize, hide/show and dock/undock the panels.

As a fully integrated development environment, it can support more than 30 assemblers and compilers but you must be aware that these have to be installed on your system. In relation to this, it allows batch building and compiling. When writing the code, you will probably be pleased with the available editing functionalities like as customizable color coding and code collapse or expansion. This recent version even includes an integrated debugger. In fewer words, UEStudio is likely to satisfy even the most demanding developers.

It supports lots of assemblers.
It includes several enviroments.
It can handle tons of file types.
It supports color coding.
It integrates a debugger.
It supports batch building.

It is difficult to use for the regular user.

UEStudio Sceenshot

UEStudio Screenshot