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USB-AV Antivirus PRO Description

USB-AV Antivirus PRO is the number one antivirus to protect its computers from all virus in the units USB. Offers a real protection to its computer by means of the employment of infallible skills to detect all kinds of malignant threats in its removable units USB (Flash Memories, SD Card, IPOD, MP3 Players, Digital Camera and more). With one of the biggest databases of viruses that propagate by external devices and its aptitude to detect new virus variants, it is the ideal program to prepare to the maximum the infections in its computer. USB-AV not only analyzes more files in less time but he adopts measurements to prepare future infections in its devices by means of the vaccination of the units to prepare the infection for Autorun files.

USB-AV is the most effective product as for aptitude to detect threats in the external units in less time and at big speed. We are provided with one of the biggest bases of virus for USB and every day it is extended thanks to our collaborators in the whole world. Our products are highly valued by thousands of faithful users and the specializing criticism.

Any person can be interested by this software since we all are exhibited after contract the threats that USB-AV is capable of neutralizing.

USB-AV Antivirus PRO Key Features

The engine of search of malware is designed in LUA, one this makes a major speed and precision in detection of any threats that propagate for USB devices. In spite of the daily updates USB-AV it possesses several skills of heuristic search to detect the new unknown virus variants until now.

In contrast to the conventional antiviruses that analyze all activity in the system, USB-AV only is activated after a new unit got connected in USB ports. Is designed to run at full speed! without making the system slow.

Deliver high level of protection against theft and accidental disclosure of confidential data. This feature can prevent unauthorized persons from copying your data to USB drives, and it also can stop the threats from USB drive.

In the PRO mode USB-AV Antivirus finishes the processes related to the virus and decontaminates the infected keys of the registry and clean all the tracks of the virus in the hdd.

Configures to your taste the scan methods and get more detection capacity, updates, scan and much more.

The new malware variants tend to hide the original liles and folders, in its place they copy the file infected to confuse the users. Our antivirus possesses several skills to decontaminate the units and to restore them.

The Malware databases are published every day, These files contain the descriptions of last threats brought by our users and by collaborators of several countries of the world. To avoid false positives each of the threats are certified by VirusTotal before being published.

This product is designed to coexist with any software antivirus or firewall set in teams with windows. Because most of the antiviruses do not scan completely the units, usb-av he shares its analysis with every antivirus so that they could detect possible threats.

Every 3 Monthly we offer random raffles between our clients and offer several gifts: Licenses for USB-AV PRO, Kaspersky, ESET and others security softwares.

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