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VCatcher 3 Description

VCatcher is a screen capture, video converter, and streaming video capture program.

In a way, VCatcher is three different programs. Some YouTube downloaders only download the video files and rely on external applications to convert the files to work with certain devices. VCatcher takes all the thinking out of downloading and converting videos from around the web.

VCatcher Key Features

Automatic download
We simplified the downloading process in every possible way for your convenience. All you need to do is just play your video and watch. VCatcher downloads all streaming video broadcasted through HTTP or RTMP to your PC automatically.

Screen recorder
Record any video from your PC screen. There are a few websites (, with video content which are protected from downloading but you can record it. You can also record video chats, webinars and other video on your screen.

HD support
If you want to get HD quality of captured video, just choose the quality in your flash player and VCatcher automatically downloads it. It means that VCatcher captures videos with 1:1 quality of what you watch.

Download acceleration
The program increases your downloading speed by breaking files into smaller pieces, connecting to and downloading from multiple servers at the same time. It boosts your speed 3-4 times.

Video manager
VCatcher has everything you need to organize your collected videos. Due to automatic naming of captured video, you can forget about routing of naming. The program also gives you the ability to search through all of your downloaded videos, import video and export them.

Built-in video converter
VCatcher lets you convert captured videos to such formats as MOV, MP4, 3GP for popular devices, such as IPad, iPhone, IPod, PSP, etc. The converter extracts audio and converts to MP3. It also supports convertion to well-known AVI and WMV. The application can cut the desired duration, choose the output resolution and the quality of converted videos.

Integrate video player
You can play all captured or added videos with this player. The player has a nice interface and supports the new format WebM (VP8).

VCatcher has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The software provides you with many features but doesn’t waste your time on how it works. VCatcher does not contain any spyware, viruses or any other malware.

VCatcher Review

VCatcher can help you grab video from streaming sources. It lets you download clips from the Internet or record video directly from the screen. What is more, it can also make it easier for you to watch these contents on your favorite portable device by converting them to a compatible format.

The program features an intuitive black-and-white interface. You will find a welcoming screen in which you may choose the preferred video source. It has the kind of visual style that you would either love or absolutely hate as it resembles more a sketch of an interface than the finished version of it. Therefore, it all depends on your preferences.

The tool also provides multiple conveniences regarding the way you view, sort and edit the loaded files. Converting a clip could not be made any easier as you should only select one of the available target profiles. Fortunately, you do not need to worry about compatibility issues with the intended device because the profiles have been classed according to the supporting device’s name. As an additional feature, it has a built-in player that lets you preview those files.

All in all, VCatcher is a reliable video grabber that can work successfully when other similar applications fail.

It supports grabbing video from different sources.
It is easy to use.
It can help you convert the imported video into various formats.
It includes a video tutorial.

It does not seem to accelerate video download.

VCatcher 3 Sceenshot

VCatcher 3 Screenshot