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VideoFlick Description

BlazeVideo VideoFlick brings special tools to create videos and post them on the web. If you want, you can also add files to the library, to organize and check your list of items through this program.

Despite being a program for manipulating videos, above any other type of file, the tool offers BlazeVideo VideoFlick related to photography too.

You can add images to the screen of the program so that they are stored and organized by BlazeVideo VideoFlick and can also resize the size of the photos, select the size you want.

Another feature planned for BlazeVideo VideoFlick is editing the captured images. The brightness, saturation, contrast and hue of the pictures or videos can be worked by you to remove imperfections without leaving the program screen.

VideoFlick Key Features

VideoFlick supports multiple video and image locations , can import a picture or video from the folder on the hard disk or any other removable device
Post items on the web: supports upload your desired video or photo items Flickr , YouTube, Tudou and Youku
Send your email comfortably elements desired video or photos to share with friends or family
Select your desired video or photo items and make greeting cards easily shared with family and friends. Card 4 frames are available for your choice
Create movies of your desired items video or photos for yourself
Edit your desired video and photo elements adding watermark, cropping , resizing , etc..
Walking anywhere in your video element in AVI video clips
Converts video elements in other popular video formats such as ASF , AVI , MP3 , AAC , MP2 , AC3, etc..
Capture snapshots from your video desired items
Create your desired items photo album format or DVD to share with family and friends
Share your photo and video elements on CD with your family and friends

VideoFlick Review

As the interface of BlazeVideo VideoFlick is very well organized , placing each function grouped according to application, it is easier to find the buttons and understand how to use the application. The names given to functions give a sample of the task that each one does, which facilitates further understanding of how to use them.

The tools offered by BlazeVideo VideoFlick are varied , but do the program is complete, they are very basic. Functions such as that allows you to create clips , merge videos and convert the files are present in the repertoire of most video editors. What was expected of this application was that he presented more advanced features like the ability to edit the image the media or insert new elements.

The organization of the videos offered by BlazeVideo VideoFlick is one of the highlights of the program , because you can create multiple folders and share the content according to the type directly: video, music and pictures . The application recognizes and classifies the file without you having to intervene.

However, not everything is perfect in the use of BlazeVideo VideoFlick, quite the contrary, because the program has serious operational problems. An example of this are the many crashes that happen on the screen when you order for the software to perform an action, such as merging several videos and create clips from media.

However, the most serious problem occurs when BlazeVideo VideoFlick will save the result of editing the folder you designated process: it opens the same folder infinitely, causing Windows Explorer to crash and extreme slowness at machine.

Interface well organized
nice appearance
Easy to use
It offers various editing tools
Organize the contents of your computer in folders

Not brings advanced editing tools

VideoFlick Sceenshot