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Voilabits DVDCreator for Mac Description

Voilabits DVDCreator for Mac, as its name suggests, is a program that aims to help you record content on a DVD.

Thus, you will have at your disposal an easier way to accomplish the process, avoiding having to resort to a professional application and extremely complex for the task.

Vale just reinforce that this application specifically is aimed at media files without the possibility of write data or bootable CDs. However, the program works with both recording directly to disc in the desired format, as the possibility to save an image in ISO format on your Mac.

Recording not to miss
Although flash drives and other storage devices have greatly facilitated the task of bringing media files with you, there are situations in which you still need to burn a DVD. Either as a backup method or to keep an original item kept for longer, it is always good to have a recorder already installed, preventing the run at the time in which a program of this style is needed.

The Voilabits DVD Creator for Mac provides an alternative to the task, with a simple interface model, but very elegant. It operates from a single window and has an emphasis on functionality, bringing a screen with a great organization and functions of the main options in button form. In this way, even beginners should not have major difficulties to operate it.

Another interesting point is the fact that the program is very light, so even if you have a Mac a little older, should have no problems in its use or slowdowns during the application’s operation.

Main functions
In addition to the friendly interface, the program has a process of style led to the creation of your DVD, involving three steps: loading of media files, content editing to tailor it to your needs and, finally, the actual recording . Similarly, as already mentioned, you can also save an ISO image rather than necessarily putting together a DVD.

Another point worth mentioning is the fact that the program supports a number of formats, including AVI, MOV, M4V, MKV, FLV, MTS, M2TS (AVCHD H.264), TS (MPEG-2), HD MKV (H. 264, MPEG-2 HD) HD MOV (H.264, MPEG-4), among others. You can also charge items directly from cameras, iPhones and iPads.

Regarding the issue, you can make a number of adjustments to improve the quality of content being recorded, including cuts and adjustments to the desired resolution. You also have at your disposal the functions to apply lighting corrections (brightness and contrast), rotate or mirror. Overall, the program supports the inclusion of effects and watermarks.

You can also add an external subtitle SRT type in your video if desired. To let your most elegant work, there is creating a menu with more than 15 models available for you, with varied themes. This function supports the inclusion of a musical background, making the item more enjoyable.

You can take a screenshot of the desired image to use as a thumbnail, and for all your work, you can use the preview tool to track how it’s getting the result.

Voilabits DVDCreator for Mac Sceenshot

Voilabits DVDCreator for Mac