Voilabits VideoEditor for Mac

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Voilabits VideoEditor for Mac Description

The Voilabits VideoEditor is an easy program to use and it allows you to cut your audiovisual clips, join scenes and add transition effects and color.

It is not an application for those who need advanced editing with multiple audio and video tracks, but it has a linear timeline and lets you add various contents to be cut and joined.

Import your videos to the program and cut scenes with microsecond precision. Choose from a dry cut or a transition effect and add more of a stretch using these features. The Voilabits VideoEditor allows you to add multiple files into a single timeline, making the much faster editing.

As you edit, you can track in real time the result, just give the play the same timeline without export. This way, you can analyze an effect and change it as often as necessary, leaving all the more fluid and simple process.

Effects and audio
In addition to the transition effects, the Voilabits VideoEditor has some color filters and texture, that can leave their most beautiful videos. You can apply these features separately for each section of the insulating material – that is, you can edit your video so that it has various visual aspects, according to the context.

In addition, you can enhance and edit audio from your material. Import a track to the timeline, if you are not using the original, and adjust the volume, transitions and more! This way, you can put a song, for example, and create a clip with multiple video snippets.

Export ready with profiles
After finishing the work, you can export the final material in various SD and HD formats. If you prefer, choose a device (iPad, for example), so that the Voilabits VideoEditor export that material using extension, codec and compatible screen size.

There are several gadgets available in the list, which facilitates the work of those who do not have much technical knowledge on the subject. Instead of manually edit everything, you just need to choose a device and the app does the rest. If you prefer to change any settings, however, it provides access to advanced export settings.

Voilabits VideoEditor for Mac Sceenshot

Voilabits VideoEditor for Mac