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VSDC Video Editor Pro Description

VSDC Video Editor is a program created so that anyone can edit their video collections without having to pay anything for it or pass suffocation with extremely complicated tools.

This application has qualified features and a wide variety of pre-defined effects and filters, which can be applied to a recording or assembly with a simple click.

In addition, the beautiful and organized interface of VSDC Free Video Editor aims to give you the best possible experience by editing your footage in an uncomplicated and efficient way.

VSDC Video Editor Pro Key Features

Double speed
Manage your editing even faster with more stable and hardware-accelerated version

Enhanced resolution
Process image and video transformation with subpixel resolution to get more precise results

Mask tool
Hide, blur or highlight required elements in your video using 10+ mask types

Multiple color
Choose a suitable color for your video background to create a real TV studio look

Advanced settings
Create curved motion paths for your video objects or animation taking advantage of adjustable parameter settings

VSDC Video Editor Pro Review

VSDC Video Editor proved to be an interesting option for those who need to edit some of their recordings in a simple way and do not want to pay for it. However, although it has a good variety of tools, we should point out that this program does not even reach a professional level, such as Vegas Movie Studio or Adobe Premiere Pro.

The interface of this application has a very beautiful look, following the Ribbon line – the interface adopted by the software in the Microsoft Office suite. More than that, it is quite organized, having its resources properly segmented by type of purpose in tabs of easy access.

Such features help you to become familiar with the features offered very quickly. However, people who have never had contact with a program of the genre can suffer a little more to assimilate everything that VSDC Free Video Editor is able to do. Although not a professional program, it has functions of reasonable complexity.

In addition, the fact that it does not have support for Portuguese can make it difficult for the understanding of those who do not speak Portuguese. Although it has these hindrances, a little calmness and perseverance allow you to learn to enjoy the features offered in the best possible way.

The variety of effects and filters provided by VSDC Free Video Editor is quite large, which ensures that you can make edits of your collection of diverse recordings and with great visual results.

The program’s compatibility with major audio, video and image formats is more than one of its strengths, ensuring that you do not have problems uploading any file saved on your computer. In addition, the quality of conversions and effects applications proved to be high-level.

The only thing that bothered us in VSDC Free Video Editor was its performance in the export process. During our analysis, a 59-MB file, less than 7 minutes in duration, took more than 16 minutes to generate – and it should be noted that simple filter additions were made between the two video concatenations.

VSDC Video Editor Pro Sceenshot

VSDC Video Editor Pro