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Webcam Surveyor Description

If you have questions about certain strange activities in your room, we offer a very simple solution to resolve it.

Webcam Surveyor is a simple application that allows you to convert PC into a video surveillance system.

All you need to get started is a webcam monitor. The program will run in the background observing the fixed point you selected. Thus, when motion is detected, Webcam Surveyor will start recording.

The program includes support for recording the most famous moment both formats (MPEG or AVI) and audio (MP3 or WMA) and it captures single frames and even apply digital zoom to the recording.

Webcam Surveyor to configure reporting for motion detection in various ways: a custom sound, start another program, notice by sending email …

Webcam Surveyor Key Features

Stealth Mode – You can now use Webcam Surveyor software for hidden video surveillance
Ease of use and compatibility
Digital Zoom – view cameras with digital zoom
Capture video / audio – can record movie clips to your hard drive
Capture the image sequence – capture sequences of images with an interval of time from one second to 59 hours
Motion Detection – alerts you immediately when activity is detected
Motion Capture – can record every movement activities in one AVI file. Instead of continuous record 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , the image can be recorded only when motion is detected. This conserves disk space and excludes spending time consulat unnecessary images.
Email alert – send message with snapshots if motion is detected
FTP alert – load images in the FTP site if motion is detected
Other alerts – can predefine other alerts if it detects movement, such as running the program, play sound, open URL and capture the image sequence
Browser built with all shell extension files – easily organize pictures and video clips captured
Security – Password protection prevents another person restore Webcam Surveyor without your permission

Webcam Surveyor Review

Webcam Surveyor allows you to transform your computer into a surveillance system, using this program and using a webcam.

The program supports a wide range of video and audio codecs (M-PEG, DivX, MP3, WMA …), possibility of digital zoom, captures video and single frames (as shown) or even a sequence of images with a custom interval.

However, the most interesting feature is perhaps the detection of movement can make a specific area of ​​the screen to monitor and program the application to alert you if it detects movement. The ads can take several forms: a sound, an email, running a program, etc..

Its interface has two distinct areas: the first allows you to preview the captured image at that time with the camera, while the second works as file explorer of all captured material.

Webcam Surveyor Sceenshot

Webcam Surveyor