WFilter Enterprise (55-User Lifetime License)

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WFilter Enterprise (55-User Lifetime License) Description




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WFilter Enterprise is a surveillance tool with which to monitor the Internet use and behavior of all users of a computer network.

For this we need to install the application in the ‘master computer’. This done, we can record what web pages are visited from each computer, as well as incoming and outgoing emails. Even we can save IM conversations.

In addition to monitoring, we can also restrict access to certain web content. From keywords to some sites that leak (with adult content, online gaming, or mood) to restricting P2P traffic.

WFilter allow us to accomplish all this in real time from a window of the browser itself. We just need to have it installed and running on your computer, and you can access all the information from each computer connected to the network instantly.

WFilter Enterprise Key Features

It monitors and records the activities on the Internet:
Keep a detailed record of every web publishing and surfing online
Add the content of inbound and outbound email and attachments
It monitors and records the activities and content of instant messengers chat
It monitors and records the files transferred by web, FTP and instant messaging tools

Filter Internet content and restrict access to Internet:
Filter certain websites
Control policy using customizable email
Blocks certain messengers
Blocking file transfers
Control of online gaming, online transmission and P2P traffic:
Detect and block P2P traffic
Detects and blocks transmitted online media
Detect and block online games, software firms and other
Support up to 91 protocols and softwares

Monitors the network connection and displays real-time alerts:
Displays computers online
Displays the files being downloaded, online messengers, Internet surfing
Show all online internet connections and administrators can also block or cancel a current session
Control the bandwidth of each real-time computer
Presents an alert for keywords in real time
Presents an alert launch the application in real time

Various types of statistics and reports:
Various kinds of graphics statistics for chatting, browsing and sending email
Automatically sends a daily report to manager

WFilter Enterprise Review

For those who want to improve employee efficiency, and fall, ending the slowness of the internet site, a great alternative is the WFilter Enterprise. The application can show each and general information on all connected computers and blocks improper activities without any difficulty.

Once you open the tool, graphs showing the network status are displayed, detailing the bandwidth consumption and showing who is using the resource more than is necessary.

Moreover, much configuration to block sites and downloads and messaging services for large files is not necessary, since much of this work comes ready for you to simply activate some settings.

The interface of the app is very well organized. She has a content division and information on tabs and sub-tabs. Still, everything is in English, which may hinder the understanding to some less experienced users.

In our tests, we did not find any problem with the WFilter Enterprise. The tool works in an exemplary manner, showing the data on your network in real time and preventing the wasteful consumption happens on few machines.

Thus, if you were looking for a complete solution to manage your local network, then test with WFilter Enterprise and check the functionality of the program.

Block preprogrammed system
Organized interface
Information about the network in real time
Details of each connected computer


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WFilter Enterprise