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WinPatrol PLUS Description

WinPatrol’s top feature is how it monitors and allows you to review the programs that automatically launch when you start Windows. Any type of program determined to infect your system will most likely appear on Startup Programs list. This list is essential to detecting nasty software such as trojans, worms, spyware, adware or other programs that may insert themselves into your PC’s auto-startup locations.

The first time you run WinPatrol Scotty the Watch Dog will review a list of these special Startup Programs. The startup commands for these programs are found in the Windows Registry, your Windows Startup Folder, within some system files and other internal system areas. WinPatrol will remember your list of Startup Programs and alert your if new programs are added or removed. This change may be something you choose or may try to change without your warning. Notification when Startup Programs are removed is an option that is check in the box in front of [] Notify me if Startup Auto setting is removed.

Many of the programs you see in the Startup Programs list may have come pre-installed by your computer manufacturer. Others may have been installed at a later point by spyware, adware, or some other malicious program. Whenever a new program is added to the Startup Programs list, Scotty will warn you of the change. You will then see the name of the new program and can decide if this program is ok, or if it is suspicious. If you’re not familiar with a new program PLUS members can click on the PLUS Info button for more information.

WinPatrol monitors and displays more locations then your typical programs of its type including MSConfig. To view a complete list of locations monitored by WinPatrol, check the box which says ” [] Include Secret Startup Locations”.

WinPatrol will also keep track of the date and time a program was first detected. This information is helpful when your system is attacked by multiple programs. By sorting the “First Detected” column you can tell which programs infiltrated your computer during the same infection. This can help identify malicious program even when they don’t include a company name or have a randomly created filename.

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WinPatrol PLUS