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WinSysClean X5 Description

With WinSysClean X5 you can clean, repair and optimize your computer from a single program. There are more than thirty operations that will leave your shiny new system sheet.

Through a very thorough and careful analysis, the program checks useless elements that take up disk space and slow down performance of your machine to be eliminated. On your list are temporary files, invalid shortcuts, remains of uninstalled files and others.

The WinSysClean is smart and does not remove important system information during cleaning. With it ‘s no need to make choices about which files are deleted, putting your system at risk. Simply let WinSysClean care of everything for you.

The program interface is quite user friendly and attractive. The program brings in the main menu functions in an organized manner and resources are arranged in a harmonious and practical manner.

In addition to deleting unnecessary files, WinSysClean is able to remove and repair entries in the operating system registry and can store all transactions in an activity history.

WinSysClean X5 Key Features

WinSysClean eliminates certain types of files that common disk utilities, uninstall, setup, defrag, scan disk and other cleaning omitted.
You can choose from many cleaning options, or you can let WinSysClean do it for you.
Clean your registry by removing invalid uninstall entries and other registry entries lost, left behind by programs after uninstalling.
Removes invalid entries from COM/OLE registry.
Cleans the Windows Recycle Bin.
Removes the Windows Documents History.
Delete the uninstall files for Windows reviews.
Removes Windows run history.
Clear the Internet Explorer cache folder.
Clean the cookie folder of Internet Explorer.
Clean the folder of files downloaded from Internet, permanently deleting the content.
Removes the history of URLs entered in Internet Explorer.
Removes the history of URLs visited in Internet Explorer.
Deletes files backup Windows registry ( these backup files are created at every Windows startup and waste a lot of disk space ).
Has the ability to add custom file types for removal from the entire disk drive or from a specified place.
Has the ability to add custom folders to clean.
Removes invalid routes logging applications.
Removes invalid registry entries sources.
Removes invalid shared tools registry entries.
Removes invalid registry entries of Windows Installer.
Displays detailed statistics during and after the cleaning process.

WinSysClean X5 Review

If you noticed lately that your PC does not work as fast as it should, sometimes even hangs and is not nearly powerful machine that was when you bought it, maybe one of the problems is easy to solve by WinSysClean X5. WinSysClean is an easy- to-use one-click scan, clean and repair the Windows registry.

The Windows registry is often the culprit in the slowdown of the equipment, since many programs leave traces on it and get inñutiles lines only lead to despair many times.

The program interface is simple and intuitive, you’ll notice the first time you run it. Even when English not leave any doubt where we have to click to clean your computer.

The interface is divided into three tabs. The first is responsible for the cleaning of files, Windows registry second and third choices of internet browsers.

A fairly comprehensive program that will leave your computer how the first day.

Optimizes your system.
Easy to use.


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WinSysClean X5