Wirecast Studio (Mac)

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Wirecast Studio (Mac) Description




Wirecast Studio (Mac) $495.00 Only $445.50 Get It Now!
Wirecast Studio (Windows) $495.00 Only $445.50 Get It Now!
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Wirecast 4 HDV Option Windows $99.00 Only $89.10 Get It Now!
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Wirecast is a simple-to-use broadcasting environment that’s ideal for producing professional webcasts on a relatively cheap budget. Wirecast allows you to use one or two live/recorded video sources and mix them all together as if you were in a TV mixing studio. You can connect external devices to read video, although some users have reported this can be temperamental because some cameras may not be supported.

Wirecast allows you to add sliding transitions between feeds, and video sources can be cropped less than one minute before airing. There are some technical issues to be aware of. Many users have reported on forums that the source material paths and capture devices are remembered with a project, so Wirecast is not very flexible when sources are changed or material is renamed/moved. In addition, only a small number of characters for each shot name are displayed, which makes it difficult to distinguish between dozens of similar shots for pre-recorded material. However, in the case of such problems, users report that feedback from the program’s developer has been prompt and helpful.

Wirecast Key Features

Plug in your cameras.
Benefit from an unlimited number of input devices including live camera feeds, audio, video, graphics and more.

Prepare your shots.
Add polish and professionalism to your broadcast using the powerful live production capabilites.

Stream live.
Use the built in multiformat encoding capabilities and easily stream to integrated streaming services and CDNs.

Wirecast Review

Wirecast is an application that allows users to record and broadcast live streams. For this purpose, it provides an elegant and intuitive interface, with full control over video transitions, input sources, encoders and media content that will be streamed. The utility supports audio, video and graphic formats.

Wirecast is a solid and flexible tool that is aimed at all users, novice and professionals looking for a way to record and stream their content online.

Easy to configure.
Highly customizable.
Stands as a great alternative to other similar programs.

Quite expensive for an application of its kind.

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