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Wondershare SafeEraser for Mac Description

Wondershare SafeEraser for Mac is one of many applications that allow safe removal of the disk files. When a file is deleted, the data physically remain in it, but there is no entry that tells the operating system how to access that information.

With SafeErase you can format the disk clusters where a particular file is stored. It has five different deletion methods, which correspond to as many algorithms to carry out the process. The safest, based on an algorithm developed by Peter Gutmann, takes 35 passes over parts of the disk where the data resides.

Using the program is simple. It integrates into the context menu of Windows, so to securely delete a file, folder, drive or partition you only need to click on it and select ‘Safely Remove’ from the context menu.

Wondershare SafeEraser for Mac Key Features

The ultimate solution to safely protect your iDevice privacy: Erase all history data, nothing recoverable!
Simply deleting your files from your iDevice is not a wise idea any more if you want to keep sensitive information to yourself. Tons of powerful data recovery software is out there, which means anything deleted by you can be found back with ease. This makes your personal data rather unsafe consider you want to trade in your old phone, donate it to charities, give it to your friends or sell it on eBay etc. Restore to factory settings? Well, we can help you get all your data back with our Dr.Fone, a cutting edge data recovery program for all iOS devices.
Does it mean you get nothing to do to securely protect your personal data? No, not at all. Wondershare SafeEraser for Mac is all you need to solve this annoying problem.

Two Erasing modes for you to Choose: Erase all or only deleted files on your iPone/iPad/iPod Touch
Erase All: this mode is suitable for anyone who is going to sell your iphone or trade in your old phone. With this option you can permanently delete all your data, making your old phone is as fresh as new. Nothing can be recovered; even you use the most powerful data recovery tools.
Only wipe deleted files: choose only to wipe your deleted files so that you can keep all sensitive data to yourself.

Three Security level, choose what best suits you!
Level One-Low: the quickest way to wipe all data, nothing will be recoverable
Level Two-Medium: replacing your data with junk files to ensure there’re no marks of erasure.
Level Three: the safest way to destroy data, meets the world’s standard, DOD5220-22M

Nothing Recoverable!
No matter you choose any one of those three levels to erase your data, there’s no possibility for others to recover it, even with the most powerful data recovery software!

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Wondershare SafeEraser for Mac