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WPS Office 10 Business Edition – ANNUALLY Description




WPS Office 10 Business (One Year) $49.99 Only $34.99 Get It Now!
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WPS Office is a free office suite available for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. It brings together text editor (Writer), spreadsheet (Spreadsheets) and presentation (Presentation), which support the same formats of the Microsof Office programs. Its applications can open and edit DOC, TXT, PPT, XLS and PDF. Download the WPS Office and access your documents from anywhere!

The program is quick and easy installation. In the desktop version, do not be surprised named “Kingsoft Office” that appears in the window. The WPS Office incorporated the Kingsoft Office, which ceased to exist. Operation, resources and visual follow the line of the existing WPS, mainly characterized by the almost identical appearance to the Microsoft Office suite.

As was already the case previously, the program for Windows and Linux interface has three style options: the stylish blue and black with white are the type Ribbon, while the classic is based on menus.

WPS Office Featured Features

Desktop, calls attention to the home screen of the programs, which includes a number of templates packages for download as well as links to tips and tutorials to better use the suite. There are ready graphics templates, documents, backgrounds and more. The themes are also varied: education, business, health, food, holidays, etc. That is, the user has an extensive database of pictures and free file and easy to use.

Another striking feature is the ability to open multiple documents in tabs, just as we do in web browsers. The package also allows inserting images in the header Writer documents, draw lines using keyboard and manage workbooks windows in the spreadsheet editor. In the mobile version, you can favoritar documents, view the edit history of a particular file and share your projects with friends.

Error correction

The new WPS Office has solved a very troublesome problem of the previous version: the program now comes straight in English, and not in Mandarin. For Brazilian users, it would obviously be desirable to support the Portuguese, only present in apps for Android and iOS. However, the English language is enough for almost everyone to master the program, mainly because its interface and array of icons and menus is the same as the proven Microsoft Office.

WPS Office Review

The resemblance to Microsoft’s office suite is the great appeal of WPS Office. This feature makes it perfect for those who like and are accustomed to the interface of Word, Excel and Power Point, but want a free alternative. Availability for Linux also helps those who are changing the operating system and do not want to abandon all Windows applications.

Speaking of the users of the open source system, virtually all versions were included with the package. Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint and Knoppix are some who have WPS Office, meaning coverage throughout the Linux community. It is also interesting that installing the suite on desktop computers is free of additional programs, as common practice in free software.

As for the functions, there is just a killer that differentiate from other text editors, spreadsheet or presentation. There are resources and interesting approaches, such as the fact that he practically incorporate an image bank and free templates, but it’s not as if these resources were difficult to access the Internet. On the other hand, lacks nothing; applications perform all that is expected of them.

As extra points, it is noteworthy that the new version eliminated problems such as non-identification of the English immediately and the ability to run without having to restart the computer. In addition, applications can now import Analytics data and share content via Facebook, which is always helpful. Not coincidentally, this free package is highly rated and deserves recommendation.

Interface similar to Microsoft Office package
Compatibility with various systems
Easy and free installation of extra programs

It has no killer feature

WPS Office 10 Business Edition – ANNUALLY Sceenshot

WPS Office 10 Business Edition