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Zemana AntiLogger Description

Zemana AntiLogger improves your computer’s security offering additional protection against the latest spyware, rootkits, Trojans, viruses, bots, adware and password stealers. Working as a supplement to your antivirus already installed, you have proactive protection against all these malware.

This program includes a unique proactive protection feature, specially developed to prevent information theft as access to bank account numbers, passwords, etc. These transactions and financial operations often use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted in 128-bit. But this system has been unveiled by many criminals, which does not guarantee full security.

The main target of AntiLogger are the loggers, ie small secret applications that save and create records of everything that is typed on a computer (including data copied to the clipboard). They are also able to take screenshots of the screen and stealing records from your webcam.

Zemana AntiLogger Key Features

Instead of relying on a predetermined list of known malware, AntiLogger uses a computer the behavior analysis system to detect and prevent suspicious activity. This protection consists of six modules that identify all known methods loggers.

Protection against Key Logger: a number of ways to prevent the record of everything you type on your machine.
Screen Logger protection: protection against the creation of screenshots of your entire screen.
Clipboard Logger protection: attempts to capture what you copy and paste are also barred.
Protection against SSL Logger: special focus on the weaknesses of protecting encrypted SSL 128-bit, which is already the subject of many criminals.
Protection against Logger Webcam: prevents your camera is activated externally, even if it is turned off.
System Protection: Protects record, RAM and other devices against invasion.

Zemana AntiLogger Review

The installation of Zemana AntiLogger is simple and fast. The interface is bemdesenvolvida and easy to be discovered. Basic users do not problems to use this program. However, although efficient, AntiLogger may frustrate some advanced users.

For example, users who like to detailed information sobreprocessos or blocked applications by AntiLogger will not find them. You can only wonder how many suspected cases were identified and barred.

Worth the reminder that this program does not replace your antivirus already installed. It works as a good addition.

Addition to your antivirus
Protection against different types of logs

Lack of detection Details

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Zemana AntiLogger