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ZoloPages Description

ZoloPages is a Name extractor, Address extractor, Phone extractor, Fax extractor, URL extractor, Email extractor for any web page with deployed data. Fully customizable, it enables you to develop your own ZoloMasks to carry out tedious data mining tasks, such as (but not limited to) retrieving data from the white pages or pink, yellow, green pages in almost any country in the world today. You can grab data from the web in no time! ZoloPages can then save the data you’ve selected in Microsoft Excel CSV (text) format.

What’s cool about ZoloPages is that the ZPG extraction templates it uses are incredibly simple to produce.

As easy as ABC, in three simple steps (from 0 to 2)…

ZoloPages is a suite with two main applications:

1. ZoloPagesExtractor

also called ZoloPages Extraction Engine – allows the capture of data from online services. The extractor is supplied with no guarantee implied, and no templates except the few found in the “My Documents/Zolo” folder. If you’re looking for specific ZPG templates for your own country, you will have to resort to third party web sites (including, but not limited to: http://www.zolomask.com in Asia).

2. ZoloMask Creator

also called ZoloMask Editor – allows the creation of filters specific to some determined web services, prior to extraction.

Both applications are, in many ways, extremely limited. For more professional web scraping solutions, please visit our other web sites (http://www.pageraptor.com and http://www.catchapage.com) and test our professional products PageRaptor and CatchaPage for free.

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ZoloPages Screenshot