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Zoner Photo Studio 15 HOME Description




Zoner Photo Studio 15 PRO $69.99 Only $59.49 Get It Now!
Zoner Photo Studio 15 HOME $34.99 Only $24.49 Get It Now!

The internet is a powerful source of images. And now, with the digital cameras becoming more affordable, also produced many photographs daily. To avoid losing any important files, organization is key!

At the same time, it is common to want to improve an image, change and improve colors, change their format or resize it to share the internet. For these reasons, it is interesting to use an application that provides organizing and editing.

Zoner Photo Studio is a simple image editor, but a manager that also allows you to make changes to your photos. It has the functions “Manager” to manage the files, “Viewer” to view the photos, and “Editor” to edit them.

Zoner Photo Studio 15 Key Features

Easy downloading
Just hook up your camera to your computer, and Zoner Photo Studio will discover new photos on its own, store them safely, and sort them into folders.
Easy organizing
Zoner Photo Studio will batch-rename your pictures and help you tag them with shot locations, descriptions, and keywords. It’s all done through industry-standard EXIF data, and it’s all backed up for you. Your work is safe.
Automatic edits
Exposure, contrast, white balance, and more. Thanks to the Quick Edits bar, you have all the most-used photo edits right at hand. You’ll get results immediately. And for more power, there are tools like the Batch Filter to forever transform your photos.
Creative tools
Creating impressive pictures is a snap in Zoner Photo Studio.
Share with the world
For a year now, we’ve offered you Zonerama, an online space for your photos where you and your friends can view your pictures anywhere, even on the road. But naturally we also support
upload to Facebook, Flick, and Picasa.

Zoner Photo Studio 15 Review

Zoner Photo Studio is a viewer, organizer and editor. Compatible with more than sixty different formats, including RAW, this free edition of Zoner Photo Studio consists of three modules: a file manager, viewer and a photo editor.

All Zoner Photo Studio modules are loaded into tabs. Manager module also shows the thumbnails of images, lots of information about the file. Double click on the information icon in the thumbnail to see the available metadata.

The star of Zoner Photo Studio is the editor. The side keypad contains tools to crop, align or warp the image, as well as a group of functions aimed at improving the aesthetics of the face, with a “trouser” blemish, red eye corrector and cloning tool. In the top menus, Zoner Photo Studio brings general corrections (brightness, color, temperature, etc.) and special effects.

Find a program of this quality is not very unusual. Zoner Photo Studio seems the spiritual heir of ACDSee, a great viewer and editor light images.

Excellent organization tabs
Support for many image formats
Includes numerous retouching filters
RAW format support
Creating panoramas and anaglyph (3D)
Contact sheets Wizard

The Explorer integration is low
The tabs can not move or remove
Some functions are hidden in submenus

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