liteCam HD Review

liteCam HD

Record audio and video from your PC automatically.
– Record videos at 1080p HD quality.
– Multiple recording modes available.
– Automatic hardware acceleration setting.
– Easy to use and full of help.
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liteCam HD Software Description

LiteCam HD is a useful application that can record and store any activity that occurs on your computer, both video and sound.

The big difference is this program compared to others that perform the same function is liteCam HD is capable of carrying out recording internal windows within any running program.

We may record both audio and video directly to the format you choose, facilitating export to external players to our PC.

We can also program the application, set a date and time to start the recording start automatically, although not ourselves that we are the front and can spy on the activities that take place on your PC without your consent.

A tool with a multitude of uses, available to any user, because it has a simple interface, a very simple operation.

liteCam HD Software Review

LiteCam HD is a software application that can be used to record any type of movie played on your computer.

Recording internal windows within a program to make this program unique. It also has an interface to customize your video and audio truly complete. You can configure the codec to capture in AVI format and audio.

liteCam HD has enough tools to get a recording that takes up little but enough so that the resulting film does not show quality blows. To achieve this objective, the program includes the option to automatically speed up the video hardware.

What’s more, you can schedule the recording as if it were a VHS home video. liteCam HD not designed to spy on the use that users give the computer but with a little imagination can do this function.

In conclusion, liteCam HD provides enough options to get quality recordings in addition to providing a user-friendly interface.

Pros: 1. HD recording; 2. One click record; 3. Video editing; 4. Schedule recordings.
Cons: 1. It is not available for Mac.