Stayfocused Review


Helps you work and study more productively!
– Create/Edit/Delete/Starred your task.
– Redo task any-time you wanted.
– Open any websites needed to complete your current task.
– Open any pertinent documents in their default applications.
– Set timer for x minutes you need to complete your task.

Stayfocused Software Description

In routine situations and full of distractions, people often lose track of time and take much longer to complete a simple task. If you suffer with this problem, some new practices can help you.

To begin, make a test with Stayfocused, begin to establish small goals and eliminate distractions from your computer screen.

The application is able to create a task with a given deadline to be met. In this interval, the tool avoids distracting you with other features that the computer offers. Thus, Stayfocused can help you improve your productivity, leaving you always focused on their tasks.

Moreover, you can choose all the windows that will be used during the performance of a task. You can allow access to documents, other programs and web sites needed to complete their work. So when all is done, you can check out a review of its efficiency.

Stayfocused Key Features

Create/Edit/Delete/Redo Task
Launch application you choose automatically
Launch Web Sites you choose automatically
Open Docs/PDFs
Set a Timer
Starred a task
Break Alert
Hide Windows you choice (Pro Version)
Hide Icons on the Desktop (Pro Version)
View the instant or history report (Pro Version)
Set time ticking alert (Pro Version)
Auto-Run when Windows start-ups (Pro Version)
Set Hot-keys (Pro Version)
Set alert sound when your finished your task (Pro Version)

Stayfocused Review

Who undergoes concentration problems at work will find in Stayfocused a great time controller. The tool can really keep you focused on the tasks, eliminating all that was deemed useless in your work area.

The interface Stayfocused, however, is not the most well built. The icons of the main window are not as communicative, and the creation of a task process is quite time consuming, whereas the search tool to save time. Still, we can say that Stayfocused can keep anyone who uses the tool guy at work.

Moreover, the application showed no instability or any error message while we performed our tests. Another interesting point is the function that creates reports of your work day. Otherwise, the installation does not keep secrets and is finished in a few seconds without asking for the addition of any third party software.

In the end, we evaluate the Stayfocused as a great tool to manage the time who can not resist the temptations that the computer offers. Therefore, if you fit in this group, do a test with the tool and learn how to optimize your time.

Pros: 1. Blocks any kind of function that you want; 2. Select the programs and documents needed before beginning activities; 3. Account the time for completion of the task; 4. Presents work reports.
Cons: 1. Creating tasks may take a while.