Tansee iPhone Transfer Review

Tansee iPhone Transfer Screenshot

Transfer videos and songs from your iPhone to any PC
– Backup music and video in iPhone to PC.
– Copy iPhone music and video to new computer.
– Share your iPhone music and video with friends.
– Copy all music and video to a new iPhone.
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Tansee iPhone Transfer Review

Do you want to share videos or songs stored in your iPhone with other users? In that case, try Tansee iPhone Transfer, a program specially designed for copying songs or videos stored on your iPhone to your PC.

Basically, Tansee iPhone Transfer includes the functions necessary to list all songs and videos stored on the device, selectively mark of all content that interest you and transfer them to another PC without going through iTunes. Prerequisite if you want to put at risk all the information you store on your terminal.

Its operation is very simple. Simply run the program and connect your iPhone with your PC so that, from the vicinity of Tansee iPhone Transfer, you can access all videos and songs and transfer them with a simple mouse click.

Although Tansee iPhone Transfer offers a more efficient way of transferring files than iTunes, its user interface isn’t a patch on the Apple software. It has a very old fashioned appearance, and feels very much incomplete. For instance, when you roll over the preview buttons on the left of the song title, the cursor disappears and nothing happens.

Pros: 1. Quick way of transferring music and video; 2. No configuration required; 3. Lets you copy videos and songs without losing other data.
Cons: 1. Poor search tool.