Wondershare Fantashow Review

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Wondershare Fantashow Review

Wondershare Fantashow is a program whose function is to facilitate the way you create videos with music and sequence of photos. While you can do this with a tool for creating slideshows, do not always those who wish to do so have sufficient knowledge to be able to draw something pretty minimally.

With Fantashow can import videos and images in various formats, arrange to your liking and apply themes in 3D, animated transitions and templates that open and close the pass photos or videos.

The Wondershare Fantashow interface is extremely simple and beautiful, which, in addition to help you use the program more easily, also makes the experience more enjoyable and less stressful, since it is not necessary to be looking wearily scattered with small print options for software window – without mentioning that the three steps to create videos make the process much faster.

The amount of options available in Wondershare Fantashow is sufficient to prepare presentations very simple, but it should appeal to a less specialized public who just want to create something quickly. However, a professional may find the program very limited, because it has less than 20 alternative models ready, all with an average of one minute duration – which is very short.

The formats recognized by the software are many, and it allows you to place virtually any file within your video, but lack versatility for output formats, which are only four. Although he let you add videos to the presentation, it makes the program extremely unstable, especially if you try to edit any element of this file added during editing.

The rate of creation of presentation varies according to the size of the file, it is necessary to wait about three minutes for a 60 MB video almost be saved on the computer. Besides the lack of variety and the limitations of this trial version, the main problem of Wondershare Fantashow is to add a watermark huge and opaque in the middle of videos created – something very inconvenient.

Pros: 1. Easy to use; 2. Supports photos and videos; 3. Effects and filters; 4. Export to iTunes, YouTube… 5. Allows to add text; 6. 3D Themes for presentations.
Cons: 1. Very Basic Editor.