Wondershare Video Editor Review

Wondershare Video Editor Screenshot

Easy to Use Video Editor Ideal for Beginners.
– Special & Professional Editing Features.
– 300+ Effects Add A Touch of Hollywood.
– Share Any Way You Want.
– Simple to Use Workspace.
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Wondershare Video Editor Review

Is a video of a party weekend, graduation, birthday, travel, holiday, wedding or a lifetime history of a person, a couple, a pet … What matters is that with Wondershare Video Editor is easy to transform your multimedia files into an incredible video to share with everyone.

Wondershare Video Editor is the type of application for those who want to supercharge your home videos. He does not have advanced professional features, but holds a lot of cool features that are sure to enhance your videos.

Moreover, Wondershare Video Editor is a very beautiful interface with a well-organized and well-distributed elements. The interface is very friendly and even without even using the program, the feeling you get is that it is very simple to work – which ends up proving.

Nevertheless, the program has a very dark, which may hurt a little use, but nothing that compromises their performance.

The resources provided by the application are virtually the same as the category editors like Ulead Video Studio, Windows Live Movie Maker and Pinnacle Studio Plus. This is not exactly bad, but so the program ends up not providing differential and reasons for people to use Wondershare Video Editor instead of other programs.

As we said, the program is very easy to use. Simply drag videos, photos and music to the timeline, add transition effects, make some adjustments and voila, your video will be well produced. Logical that this whole process can take, but not because of difficulty, but by the amount of adjustments.

Wondershare Video Editor has the same problem that other video editors: a small amount of text styles. This ends up limiting the creativity of users, and are options with questionable quality.

Another problem is that there is no option to insert transitional effects in batch. If you want to put the same effect in the range of all the photos and videos will have to do it manually.

Despite its close resemblance to other like products, Wondershare Video Editor ends up being an excellent option for video editing due to its ease of use and beauty program. Worth testing and meet.

Pros: 1. Timeline-based video editing; 2. Provides precise control over every element; 3. Easy to use; 4. Add text templates, filter effects, PIP and transitions you like to favorites.
Cons: 1. Effects and Text options look cheap.